12v DC Lamp Dimmer

Our 12 volt dimmer switch is a simple, inexpensive device that can transform your RV's atmosphere by giving you complete control over your lighting and changing your living space into any mood with the warm glow of soft lights.

Our dimmer switch is inexpensive, easy to install and can enhance your RV with a comforting and relaxing atmosphere that's perfect for any occasion. Soft lighting saves energy and helps to keep your RV cooler.

Experience more flexibility in using your limited space in many ways. When you get home, turn on the lights to read your mail, then turn on the TV and dim the lights to watch your favorite show. When guests arrive, turn a knob to bring up the lights to a comfortable level.

Included with the dimmer switch are all the parts you need to install; mounting nut, knob and wire twist nuts. (Pictured lamp fixture is not included.)

2 models available. Incandescent and LED (EPL1012) w/fan control feature (EPL1012M - fan not included)

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 Features and Specifications:
• Replaces existing push-button switch
• Saves energy
• Low profile
• For incandescent, halogen and LED bulbs
• Easy to install!
• Cool and efficient operation
• No special wiring needed
• Maximum wattage: 60 watts
• 1 year limited warranty
 MSRP: $25.00

General Specifications:
• Input Voltage: 6-15 volts DC
• Temp. Range: 0°-70°C
• Size: 0.515"x0.525"x0.450"
• Min. Depth Req'd: 0.525"
• For use with either Incandecent or LED bulbs

Mechanical Drawing
Installation Instructions
PCA Part Number: EPL1012


Control Fans and Motors (EPL1012M):

• Same features as EPL1012 but includes a diode to use with fans and motors.

  Installation Instructions
  PCA Part Number: EPL1012M
  (Sample installation image. Does not include fan.)
<  span class="cnlabel">MSRP: $25.00

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