PCA Marketplace Spotlight - Security
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Market Spotlight - Security Applications

PCA Marketplace Spotlight - Security

The security industry is experiencing explosive growth and the need for reliable security systems for surveillance, access control, and data transmission touches every market segment, especially the commercial, industrial, government and consumer marketplace. PCA has aligned itself with the leading chip manufactures such as Analog Devices, Maxim and Texas Instruments and has developed magnetics that support all power levels of the IEEE 802.3 PoE standards, from "af" to "bt" level 4.

PCA magnetics are designed for PoE applications in a variety of topologies, such as flyback, forward, gate drivers, common mode chokes and data transformers. Check out our PoE++ family of transformers and see our 90 watt forward EPC3577G-LF and our 84 watt flyback, EPC3630-LF.

We offer all the peripheral PoE magnetics which accompany our Forward and Flyback PoE transformers.

Gate Drive Transformer
Gate Drive Transformer
Common Mode Choke
Common Mode Choke
Data Transformer
Data Transformer

If you have any questions or are in need of futher technical details, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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