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Products that are Designed and Engineered for Quality and Reliability

SMPS transformers for AC-DC and DC-DC power supply converters that meet or exceed IEC/TUV/VDE specs.
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POE approved PoE++ applications with the perfect combination of high power in the smallest packages.
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LAN based magnetic solutions for a wide array of high speed networking and computer applications.
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High Voltage flyback transformers for high voltage photoflash capacitor charges. Linear Tech Chip Compatible.
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AEC-Q200 Products

The future of mobility is autonomous, and PCA Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures complete component solutions for the automotive and transportation market. Our product line includes transformers, inductors, and common mode chokes. We also have unique custom magnetics, all designed and manufactured to AEC-Q200 qualification standards. Contact us to learn more about how PCA can optimize your automotive electronic systems.

New Product Announcements

EPC380xG-LF Push-Pull  TransformerEPC380xG-LF Push-Pull Transformers
Works with TI SN6501 & SN6505B. Our product line includes transformers, inductors, and common mode chokes. We also have unique custom magnetics, all designed and manufactured to AEC-Q200 qualification standards.
EPC3766 - 100 Watt Forward Transformer EPC3766G-LF 100W Forward Transformer
Engineered for PoE++ and PoE Ultra power level designs and focuses on the latest IEEE 802.3bt (type 4) standard. Perfect for high-performance surveillance cameras and high-powered wireless access point applications, this 100 watt, as well as PCA’s EPC3577G-LF 90 watt transformer, opens the door to an array of new design possibilities.
EPC3789G-LF PoE Forward TransformerEPC3789G-LF PoE Forward Transformer
25 watts out for the IEEE802.3 standard for PoE+ chip sets, such as the Linear Tech LTC4269-2. Built robustly on a class 155 degree C Insulation system , it is well suited for ruggedized industrial and Automotive PoE+ applications, or in any PoE-based self-driven synchronous forward power supply.
EPC37776-LF CCL Flyback Transformer EPC3776G-LF CCFL Flyback Transformer
This inverter transformer is designed specifically for use in Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp power supplies. Its low profile is perfect for today’s space saving enclosures, such as notebook type personal computers, while maximizing operating efficiency. It also features a wide frequency range from 40 to 80 KHz for greater circuit application flexibility.

Magnetics Designed for Leading Chipset Manufacturers

Marketplace Spotlight

Marketplace Robotics Robotic applications rely on well designed equipment. PCA's highly advanced PFC boost inductors and toroidal transformers have made us a leader in this field.
Marketplace Security PCA has aligned with leading chip manufacturers such as Linear Tech, Maxim, and Texas Instruments. We supply magnetics that support all power levels of IEEE 802.3 PoE standards.
Marketplace Medical We provide a wide range of world-class, extremely high reliability, fully tested magnetics for a vast array of medical device technologies. We can deliver exactly what your application requires.
Marketplace Lighting The smallest dimmer of its kind in the world! Dims up to 60 watts (4.2 Amps) of halogen, incandescent, or LED lighting. They can be used anywhere you want to control 12 volt DC lighting.

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