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Q. What is PCA Electronics Pb-free conversion strategy?
• Make the transition as smooth as possible
• Communicate unique identification of Pb-free compliant parts
• Offer Pb-free products that can be used with existing lead and lead-free solders
• Support tin-lead product until there is no longer a demand for tin-lead parts

Q.Does PCA plan to convert all product lines to Pb-free?
A. Yes, with some exceptions. As the demand for lead-free products grows, PCA will convert all of its products to Pb-free. Some product lines will make a direct transition to Pb-free and therefore will not offer a tin-lead alternative.

Q. How can customers distinguish between Pb-free products and "standard" products?
A. The suffix -LF after the part number distinguishes products with no exemptions. A suffix of -RC distinguishes products with assigned EU RoHS exemptions for Lead. Both suffixes indicate RoHS/Lead-free compliance. Standard tin-lead products have no designators after the part number.

Q. What Pb-free finishes are currently used by PCA? A. PCA has studied the industry and is working hard to make sure that products with Pb-free finishes are compatible with existing tin-lead. We believe that customers will be able to use these products interchangeably during the transition period. The most common Pb-free finish will be pure matte tin/nickel/tin dip and depending on customer requirements SAC. Notification of the conversions will be provided through a PCN. Out of concern for tin whiskers in Pb-free solder assemblies, PCA has discontinued bright tin.

Q. Will parts with tin-lead solder continue to be available after the transition to Pb-free? If so, for how long? A. Yes. Although PCA is replacing the lead finish on its products, not providing an alternative finish would create difficulties for many of our customers. Our intent is to provide Pb-free products when requested. We will try to encourage our customers to accept lead-free for the good of our environment. PCA will continue to support tin-lead product until there is a demand for them.

Q. Will PCA honor its commitment to support Tin-Lead parts? A. Yes. To our committed customers who have asked us not to convert their products to Pb-free, we will honor our commitment. Your products will not change. Some customers are not affected by the scope of the EU Directive on RoHS/WEEE and will not be converted.

Q. What if I need Pb-free components now?
A. Most products with a Pb-free finish are available now. Please contact PCA or your local Sales Representative for additional information.


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